Building a series

My challenge has always been to stay with the same "story", chapter by chapter, pushing the idea through. I get distracted by tangents that each "chapter " presents. Intrigued by process, I cruise down the path of experimenting with materials and juxtaposing imagery, following the intriguing trail. Now I attempt to corral my library of visual vocabulary on the topic of landforms, Iceland geomorphic and changing weather into a first series of 12 pieces.

Here is some prep regarding palette and texture. Size to be determined.


Making work - FIRE & ICE


Heat wave in England that has been building for the last month since my return from Iceland.

I see it is drizzly rain in Iceland now and oh how I'd like to feel those wet sprinkles on skin today, the hottest day without any rain in sight for Bristol.

Iceland , the land of fire and ice and tectonic movement. 

Nordurping (northeast Iceland) was our Epic stop. After several hours driving on a very unmade road we arrived; another planet! The basalt forms here, from slow cooling magma are breathtaking and the sculptured rock structures are so huge and ominous that you get the feeling that they could embrace a person python-like and bury one in the beyonds of Iceland fiords forever.

The boys marooned in a cave in Thailand - today some of them were freed; feeling their relief! 


Return to Iceland

JUNE 7th I join up with two other artists in Iceland to journey to the northern regions of the Island.

My residency in Gulkistan Arts Centre last year 2017, allowed me contemplative and productive time in the studio. Big space to myself with a large window presenting an expansive view out over the lake and Hekla (Iceland's most active Volcano) in the distant horizon. What i have been unfolding in my work since then is an expression of a desire to understand landscape and what it consists of, it's forming history, the content of what I'm gazing at; it's evolution; effects of climate and climate changing upon the structures underneath and the movement of a mass that appears to be so solid in time as we know it. Iceland is landscape! Fire, water, tectonics and Ice in small island!