Award and first prize

I’m stoked, chuffed, elated! my Piece Shelf Crack won first prize, a nice recognition and monetary reward for my entry in the Earth Sciences category ( one of the areas of study included in the Bath University Science curriculum). Have to admit I was taken by complete surprise as the entries were competitive and exhilarating. I’ve always liked the concepts of a visual side of science. Artists can “play” and be inspired by scientific research yet they are free to inject complete fantasy and imagination to an idea and are not under the same pressure to prove an outcome of research yet the combination of each of the artist’s and scientist’s methods are fascinating and can inspire each other’s gateway into investigation.

While playing with water and Ink and using freezing methods, im curious to see what patterns will develop in the transition from water to ice. Using Black ink aids in the visibility of pattern. so the experiments begin….different papers and substrates…different inks…movements…varying freezing speeds….temps and duration? anything I can think of or read about that will offer diverse challenges!

When I have a selection of patterns i choose, rearrange, cut, layout and scan a believable land structure image. This is then digitally influenced and printed on various substrates. This series is printed on opaque white film for the translucent light effect.

SHELF.CRACK,digitaly influenced.jpeg