Thoughts about Abstraction in my practice


Action combined with emotion along with my topic of interest are ingredients that make up my art practice.

For me my practice is the consistent Action of manipulating materials and methods for visual interpretation. What unfolds on paper, panel, canvas or various substrates becomes the abstraction. Something that does not directly portray topic/object.

The abstract work is a mix of sub-conscious and conscious mark making expressed from observations, research, travel etc. on that which I am passionate about.

Systematically this focuses on natural phenomena; geology, altered landscape, minerals and effects from climate. My work is organized by sense of format, composition, colour and tone. Materiality plays a big part in developing visual language that signifies mystery and other meaningful dimensions. I believe this happens more often in moments of experimentation and letting go of control, which is the opposite of building realistic painting and rendering, the latter being an excellent practice in eye-hand co-ordination.

Blue massive 20x30” screen print, acrylics, inks on paper (stonehenge archival)

Blue massive 20x30” screen print, acrylics, inks on paper (stonehenge archival)

Studio Move

I moved across the hall, same building @33ARTS #109.

It’s slightly larger than my old space and it has a sink (sigh of gratitude) and some very cool decommissioned pipes. I wonder when I’ll employ those for some installation?

March 2019

March 2019

Art Residence in S.Ireland

Our 3 Artists collaboration, home page, put together proposals for a residency so that we could engage in a work intensive. We have been accepted in two places, Scotland and ireland. We chose Cill Railaig in Co. Kerry on the wild coast of Southern Ireland. We are putting together a publication, Vol 1 to give an overview of our project which is linked to The Extraction project.

The residency will be November 2019. Meanwhile we work from our studios independently and keep the collaborative projects on the hob, adding ingredients to the holy concoction when ripe and in season.

Iceland Lava

Iceland Lava

Process in studio

Process in studio

December and much has and is the happening;


Wells, Somerset, England is an ancient settlement with a magnificent 13th Century cathedral. It is also home to a wide-vision art coalition that puts on a high calibre juried annual art show.

While visiting there i connected with Heather owner of The Heritage Courtyard Gallery. I currently have two paintings in her winter show, “Chill”. That will end January 14th 2019.

Archimedes’s Corridor, acrylics on panel, 15x19” (38x48cm)

Northern Prism  acrylics on panel, 15x19” (38x48cm)

Northern Prism acrylics on panel, 15x19” (38x48cm)