Invigilating in the gallery

I've been fortunate to meet a portion of the art community in Bristol through working the gallery at Spike Island, art and design studios. Here thrives an excellent model of  creative endeavour that uplifts the critical intellect while inspiring processs for the artist and curators and curious participants. It offers residencies, art studios and exhibitions connecting it to global arts platforms while providing local community with classes, free exhibitions and lectures etc.

While i haven't had more than a small area of floor to work on I have spent time to research and observe trends in current conceptual art practice. Bristol being a University town I meet many young students studying to become curators. The richness of conceptual ideas and thoughts in this very whirred up time we live in is grist for fascinating discussions that describe and explain visual 2-D and 3-D installations. 

What seems to be happening here in addition to LA and possibly NY is an outpour of evidence that of discovering threads that make unexpected connections in a treasure hunt of disparate ideas, research and concepts. I find it exciting!  At the entryway of the exhibit one can be bewildered unless there is a pamphlet of explanation/story. The latter i prefer as it can be as a novel where only the author reveals those moments of conception. The best shows for me are when the public are invited to get involved by sipping elixir, playing with clay, writing their family tree etc. I'm can then enjoy that I mostly haven't got a clue and I'm given a space and time to sit with the work without having to "get it" therefore I "get" something. 


 Glow on cold stone

Building a series

My challenge has always been to stay with the same "story", chapter by chapter, pushing the idea through. I get distracted by tangents that each "chapter " presents. Intrigued by process, I cruise down the path of experimenting with materials and juxtaposing imagery, following the intriguing trail. Now I attempt to corral my library of visual vocabulary on the topic of landforms, Iceland geomorphic and changing weather into a first series of 12 pieces.

Here is some prep regarding palette and texture. Size to be determined.


Making work - FIRE & ICE


Heat wave in England that has been building for the last month since my return from Iceland.

I see it is drizzly rain in Iceland now and oh how I'd like to feel those wet sprinkles on skin today, the hottest day without any rain in sight for Bristol.

Iceland , the land of fire and ice and tectonic movement. 

Nordurping (northeast Iceland) was our Epic stop. After several hours driving on a very unmade road we arrived; another planet! The basalt forms here, from slow cooling magma are breathtaking and the sculptured rock structures are so huge and ominous that you get the feeling that they could embrace a person python-like and bury one in the beyonds of Iceland fiords forever.

The boys marooned in a cave in Thailand - today some of them were freed; feeling their relief!