THREE ARTISTS.  A Collaboration in process



Bernadette Howard, Brooke Holve and Catherine Richardson.

We are weaving our individual imitations of natural processes with an aim to collaborate and unfold possibilities that can be shown as a conclusive.

We reveal the direction as it presents results with an emphasis on formation as process rather than immutable form.




"To copy nature is a spineless activity; it gives us a sense of our mere existence but hardly more than that. But to imitate nature involves the verb: we then ourselves become nature, and so invent an object which is the extension of the process". William Carlos Williams.

It is this act of making that brings us three artists together to reconsider process as collaboration, considered in the past particularly by The Dadists and Arte Povera movement. (Art = Life).

Each of us share a physical and intuitive engagement with tools and materials which we subject to processes that mimic natural occurring phenomena, ie., freezing, rusting, burning, evapourating. We work separately and periodically meet at one or other studio to dialogue and weave our strands of discoveries and direction.

My site will feature my sequence of process with links to Bernadette's and Brooke's pages. At it becomes apparent we will each feature the collaborative effects.

 Using different inks for the freezing test.   

Using different inks for the freezing test.