It might take a while

Before a studio space comes open! Sooow still working on the floor in my flat. I am tasking myself currently on constraints of art materials, namely paper. With a few mark-making pencils, inks, glue and tape I construct scapes on packing paper that I acquire via purchases of groceries, clothing, Amazon packing materials etc.

One of my applications has been approved by BV studios and I'm in the 'pool' for when a space becomes available. Bristol, being one of Britain's manufacturing hubs during the industrial revolution has repurposed old solid buildings for artist's studio and creative tech use.

Now the green haze of Spring is spreading across the city as trees tentatively open into leaf; a different experience than a California Spring which has already arrived boldly and rapidly impatient for glorious Summer. 

Images here;

Doodles from sketch book and floor work plus a "Yves Klein-Blue" table from a visit to a gallery in Girona area of Spain last week.

Yves Klein Blue.jpg

March 29th

art on the bedroom floor (best light!) Since the drawing class with Stuart Geddes at the RWA Bristol it's been a self review on mark making. Fun!



2018 in the UK

It's March, it's chilly, as most of the trees in the landscape are deciduous, it's visually Wintery.

That is the beauty of the promise of the transformation to come. Spring! Not only is the landscape a mass of brilliant greens, the birds burst out with a dawn chorus and life teems with palpable energy, vibrating the new season into the life stream.

Bristol in West England a university city and a creative hub, is where I'm starting this "adventure" of living back "home" for a year. Raising a family in California has rendered me of "trans-Atlantic" species. Now it is a journey of exploring my deep-rooted sense of belonging, discovering those influences in my art work while reconciling my dual citizenship.


Pollard tree                         1st drawing session        Bristol Graffiti